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In recent years, due to human over-exploitation of the Earth, and seriously undermined the
diseases Increase the chances. In this case, Global Enterpriss Corporation Limited survival of
humanity depends on the environment in which we live in a bad air pollution area, this problem
getting worse, it lead us to suffer from respiratory and allergic introduced the AutoCaring True-HEPA air filtration
system. Since then, the Canadian-made system has helped numerous Hong Kong families improve the indoor air
quality of their homes.In addition to providing solutions for indoor air,Kenlice is determined to bring total health
and well-being to Hong Kong.

AutoCaring products include HEPA filter media as part of a 3-stage filtration
process(Prefilter,HEPA filter and inner CARBON filter).
99.97% of particulate 0.3 micron must be removed from the air to achieve true
HEPA filter,electronic clean air system just filtering out particulate of 50%
Can filter the air effectively from particulate, smoke, polien, dustmites, dander,
virus, bacteria, peculiar smell,pemicious gases,ect.

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