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Telephone: 97172304
Fax: 25483786
Contact: Shobi
Address: 2o/flr, central 28 queen's road central hong kong
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We are a Hong Kong based Yarn suppliers , Grey fabric supplier, Textiles, Private label Apparel supplier, Which has office in PAKISTAN, SRILANKA, BANGKOK.

We have been servicing US department stores for many years with our some of our goods, all kinds of socks such as Men's & Ladies Crew & Ankle, Cozy Socks, Valentine socks, Baby socks, Tshirt, Jacket, Trousers, Mops, etc.

We can supply you YARN from 7/s to 80/s 100% cotton and Poly cotton as well.

The major market include Middle East, China, USA, Japan, Europe and various developing countries.

We believe in Quality, Timely delivery and Competitive prices

We welcome your inquiries.

Fabric, Yarn, Textiles, Socks, Jeans, Tshirt, shirt, fleece, jacket, floor mops, hoodies, carpets, bedding, etc

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