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Our competitive edges
Our Monascus products are all natural, non-genetic modified, non-polluted, no coloring or artificial chemical added. Our company aims at providing high quality functional red yeast rice. We are one of the VERY FEW companies in the world which could produce CITRININ FREE, high purity, high lovastatin contents and consistent quality functional red yeast rice. All our products are under stringent quality assurance practice and each batch are inspected by qualified technicians and the inventor (a university professor specializes in researches of Monascus) of our patented technology. We are professionally competent in specialization of the Monascus industries and able to understand and respond to our customers?technical, scientific and commercial needs.

Product list:
1. Functional Monascus red yeast rice
Monacolin-K: 0.4% No Citrinin
Monacolin-K: 0.8% No Citrinin
Monacolin-K: 1.0% No Citrinin
Monacolin-K: 1.5% No Citrinin
Monacolin-K: 2.0% No Citrinin

2. General purpose
Monascus red yeast rice powder (e.g. food colouring)
Color values: 1000 No Citrinin
Color values: 1200 No Citrinin
Color values: 1500 No Citrinin
Color values: 2000 No Citrinin

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